The term; “Detective Division” hearkens images of guys in dark suits and shoulder holsters gumshoeing cases, in black and white no less. The Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Division is far from that. We are diverse and modern in every way imaginable. From staffing to computers and digital imaging, the Detective Division uses all modern techniques at its disposal to solve cases, however, the oldest technique is still the most important; the interview. Talking to people is the most important aspect of a detective’s job. The ability to talk to crime victims and suspects alike is the hallmark of a good detective and that interpersonal skill is one of the things sought after in an applicant for the position of detective. Additionally, detectives are the type of people who require little supervision and consistently display the ability to make sound decisions.

The Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Division is staffed by 19 detectives and produced 647 case files in 2010. Only felony cases are worked out of this division. Most police departments maintain a day shift detective division only. We maintain a day and night shift with call out to meet investigative needs 24/7. Additionally, our detectives are on duty all holidays.

The PBPD Detective Division is an umbrella division for the Crime Scene Unit (CSU), Cyber Crimes Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children, and Sex Offender Registry. With an eye to the future we are looking into ways to expand our capabilities and anticipate the needs of our community.