It is our Chief motto “Challenging the Past, Changing the Future” by doing this the Pine Bluff Police Department is dedicated to Pine Bluff and we take the phrase “To Protect and Serve” to heart. Not only do we protect and serve the community from crime but we also protect and serve our youth in different activities throughout the year. Our children are our future and we believe without them Pine Bluff will have no chance. We try to keep our youth out of the streets and doing positive things such as sports, feeding the community, or even becoming a police officer. Below are some activities that we have for the youth annually. This is just a few of our annual events that we have every year, we also do other things such as crime prevention and educational programs for business, schools, and civic organizations. It is our goal of the service division to serve the citizens of Pine Bluff with these programs. We try and make sure they are beneficial to the elderly and the youth which helps build stronger communication with the youth, and allow the senior citizens to know they are not forgotten. Along with the citizens of Pine Bluff we hope to continue to grow and also “Protect and Serve”!!!