The Service Division is comprised of Information Technology, Data Entry, Customer Service, Telephone Reporting Unit, Community Service, Transport and, Warrants, Criminal Summons and Subpoena Service. The Service Division also provides service to Division II District Court on city court days.

The Service Division is responsible for IT operations throughout the department including any software and hardware matters. The Telephone Reporting Unit is manned twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  TRU provides citizens an alternative way of filing certain misdemeanor property and nonviolent reports.

Data Entry is the responsibility of three civilian clerks who also share the responsibility of working the front window where citizens come to purchase reports.  This will soon change with the new online reports system becomes active where citizens will be able to log on and purchase their reports through our web site.
Community Service is another area Service Division is responsible for.  This enables citizens to pay for a fine by working instead of going to jail.  Anyone interested in this service can call the Pine Bluff Police Department at: 870-730-2073.

The Service Division consists of one Deputy Chief, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and five patrolmen who report to the Administrative Deputy Chief.  One Sergeant oversees the operations of the Warrant/Transport Officers, Community Service Workers along with the Information Technology Officer.  There are four Warrants/Transport Officers one of which devotes three days to District Court each week and one Information Technology Officer.  The second Service Division Sergeant is responsible for Customer Service and the Telephone Reporting Unit. There are currently seven civilian employees working in these areas.  The Sergeant is also responsible for the service of subpoenas. There is one civilian Information Technology Specialist.