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Department Divisions

The Pine Bluff Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency consisting of sworn officers and professional staff employees. The Police Chief directs operation and administration of the agency.  The department is responsible for:

  • Preservation of the public peace;
  • Protection of the rights of all persons and property;
  • Prevention of crime;
  • Detection and arrest of offenders
  • Building relationships with citizens;
  • Proactive patrols to deter criminal activity;
  • Traffic enforcement and education to reduce crashes and save lives;
  • Enforcement of violations of state laws and local ordinances.

The department covers 46.8 square miles with an estimated population of 41,000residents, excluding tourists and commuters.

For police operations, the city is divided into six patrol zones. Officers and supervisors are assigned to each zone. 

The department also has several specialized units that support patrol operations.

Patrol zones