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Lieutenant Marcus Smith

Detective / Vice - Intelligence - Narcotics

Division Commander Captain Marcus Smith





Operations Sergeant Brett Talley

Administrative Sergeant Jacqueline Stevenson


The VIN Division of the Pine Bluff Police Department is responsible for investigating public order crimes such as illegal gambling, prostitution, illegal sales of alcohol, and the possession and distribution of illegal narcotics. The primary focus being narcotics and dangerous drugs which are illegally manufactured, supplied, or distributed; and investigating suppliers and distributors of narcotics or dangerous drugs who are engaged in illegal activities on an organized basis. The VIN Division also works to identify violent individuals or groups of individuals in an effort to anticipate, prevent, or monitor possible criminal activity.


The VIN Division routinely coordinates its efforts with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms).


All Officers within the VIN Division of the Pine Bluff Police Department are sworn members of the 11th West Judicial Drug Task Force which is more commonly known as the Tri-County Drug Task Force.  This Drug Task Force covers Jefferson County, Arkansas County, and Lincoln County.